Parenting lesson #6283

You will think it will be cool to lounge on your teen’s bed and hang out with them. You will laugh, giggle at Facebook posts and just enjoy them. You will trade quips and inside jokes. You will feel hip. Part of their generation. You might relive stories of your youth. All be well.

You will then attempt to get out of said bed and your teenager will be standing at the same time. She will then clock you in the head with the boniest elbow in the known universe. It will feel like being stabbed with a crooked tree branch at a high velocity. You will see stars. There will be pain.

Laughing will commence. Belly laughing will prevent her from moving so you will both be stuck on the stairs until she is able to stand while giggling.

I promise, you will make it down the stairs. Both teens will laugh. You will inform your spouse of said incident. He will just yell some insult at you from the basement and you will swear, while searching for that glass of wine, holding your poor sore head, that you are throwing them all out and getting more cats.


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