Have you ever seen a four year old wake up like she just arose from the pits of hell to destroy everything in her path only to realize that today is pizza day? It is probably the cutest thing I have witnessed in a hot minute.

Glowing red eyes, claws at the ready…. I approached the child cautiously … when she saw me and was about to pounce – because you know – I had to wake her up for school and little monsters hate being woken from their slumber –

I said, in the most sugary voice, “oh my goodness! Guess what today is!?!?”

Her claws retracted, scary eyes replaced with hopeful eyes, and she whispered with reverence “pizza day?”

Me- “yes ma’am it is but what has to happen today for that to happen?”

No longer demonic child “right choices!”

Me- “yup now let me help you get dressed”

Less evil entity of a youth – “yes ma’am”

It was like the stars aligned, doves of peace flew in and sunshine was abundant …. 😂😂

Oh and in case you are wondering – naked bananas (banana chips) are an absolute no no with this kid 😂
Only bananas with peels will do for her royal highness

I even got a hug and blown kiss before walking out the door of daycare and I swear she might have muttered “pizza” as she did it

thisisfostercare #onedayatatime #monstertamingspecialist

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